Club Challenge

The Club Challenge is 23/24 races of varying distances from 5k to Half Marathon all mainly local events with an entry fee that won't break the bank. To complete the challenge you must complete a minimum of 7 of the 23 events.


Each runner has a handicap time calculated, based on previous performance, for each event. For each race you start with 1000 points, then for every second over the handicap time 1 point is deducted. For every second under the handicap time 1 point is added.


E.G. Your handicap time for a 10k is 44:00 and you run 43:51 then your score for that race will be 1009 points. If you ran 44:09 then your score would be 991 points, simples....


There are bonus points of 500 for completing 4 out of the 5 Booths Road League races and also 500 for completing 4 out of the 5 XC races (in the calendar year).  A further 500 can be earned for completing more than 12 races in the overall challenge.


There is a separate Male and Female Club Challenge with trophies presented to the first 3 Male/Female.