Club Challenge

The Club Challenge 2019 is 45 races of varying distance from 5k to Half Marathon all mainly local events with an entry fee that won't break the bank.


There are two elements to this year’s challenge, an age group category championship, which you just have to take part in to have a chance to win, no race limit. And the challenge of completing 12 races to be awarded a gift.


To complete the challenge you must complete a minimum of 12 of the 45 events. Including your best NWitP time.


Each runner has a handicap time calculated, based on age and gender performance, for each event and for each race you complete you get 10 points, plus the age/gender points, (but only if you race in the NDRC club colours and register as NDRC) (no exceptions), plus 10pts for the NWitP time.


Bonus points


There are bonus points of 75 for completing 4 out of the 5 BD Road League races and also 75 for completing 4 out of the 5 BD XC League races (in the calendar year), and 50 for completing in both Northern Relays and Derbyshire XC Champs. 75 Bonus points for completing 3 of the 4 half marathons, 75 points for 8 of the 12 road/trail races, and 50 for the completing 4 of the 6 short fell races, 50 for the 4 of the 5 medium and 2 of the 3 long fell races. You’ll get an extra 50 points for completing all 3 of the series of fell race series.


A further 100 can be earned for completing more than 18 races in the overall challenge. If you complete 7 or more NWitP races you will also get another bonus of 50pts.   There will be a wild card bonus of 50 pts for completing any official full marathon, but you must be registered as NDRC and have photographic evidence of wearing the club vest.


The results will be age category grouped.


Age Categories: Senior Mens, Vet Men 40-49, Vet Men 50-59, Vet Men 60+

Senior Ladies, Vet Ladies 35-44, Vet Ladies 45-54, Vet Ladies 55+