Training Groups


We have two training groups A & B on Tuesday and three with a C Group added on a Thursday A is for quicker runners in the club capable of running a sub 45 min 10k, new runners are initially encouraged to join the Tuesday B group or the Thursday C Group.


We also have a Monday/Wednesday group for complete beginners see Jog Club  link.


In essence there are three types of training:


1 - Social / Beginner / Recovery sessions - This is Jog Club and C group (although this group does have a fast group that does 8 min miles ) 
2 - Intermediate Efforts / Longer Distance - This is B group
3 - Improver / Additional progress / Advanced efforts - This is A group


All sessions start from outside the front of Queen's Park Sports Centre at 6.30pm except for A Group track sessions held at Spinkhill Track when we meet for 6.15pm.


CLICK HERE for A, B and C group Training schedules.