Club Training

See Tabs above for different training Groups and directions to the various venues.

Latest Training Schedule

All groups meet at Queen's Park for 6.30pm start except for Summer Booths races when no formal training sessions are held or A Group track sessions (£2 track fee payable meet at Spinkhill 6.45pm).


Note sessions may vary due to weather conditions.


Download more detailed schedule for A group below.

Jan- Mar 2018 training-1.pdf
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2 Tapton Park Drive Avenue 5 x hills (short/medium/long = 1 hill). Jog recovery (A)

2 No session tonight (B)


4 Derby Rd route. 10 x 2min with 90 sec recovery (A)

4 Steady Run Moorland View Road Route 6-10 (B)

4 Easy Run Lavers/Newbold Route 10k (C)


9 Storforth Lane 4 x(4x400, 30sec rec) 2min beteween sets (A)

9 Tapton 1 side effort net recovery x 6  (B) 


11 Paxton Road. 10 x hills (A)

11 Steady Run Hady/Hasland route 6-10 (B)

11 Easy Run Newbold/Loundsley Green route 5 (C)


16 Storforth Lane. 8 x 800, 1 min rec. 4 laps 2min rec at end of each lap (A)

16 Wain Avenue. 400/500 efforts x 6 laps (B)


18 Walton Back Lane Hills x 7 circuits (A)

18 Steady Run Stonegravels/Newbold Route 6-10 (B)

18 Easy Run Morrland View Rd Route 5.4m (C)


23 Dunstone Lane. 7 laps effort, 1 side recovery (A)

23 Ashgate Valley RD. Hills x 6 laps (B)


25 Lavers. 6 x 1000 with 2 min recovery (A)

25 Steady Run Brimington/Hady Route 6-10 (B)

25 Easy Run Hady/Hasland route 5.6 (C)


30 Old Fire Station Route. 4 x 2min, 1min recovery. 3 sets each getting quicker (A)

30 Pennine Way. 1k laps x 6 (B)