Training Schedules - Groups A, B and C


All groups meet at Queen's Park for 6.30pm start except for Summer Booths races when no formal training sessions are held. A Group track sessions (£2 track fee payable meet at Spinkhill 6.45pm).


Note sessions may vary due to weather conditions.


Download more detailed schedule for A group below.


Detailed A Group Training Schedule
Group A Training April - July 2018.pdf
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31 Brookfield. 14x90 sec fast, 90 sec recovery   (A)

31 Steady Run Piper Lane route 6-10m (B)

31 Easy Run Linacre Route 5m (C)




5 Booths Road League. Meet Denby Pottery 7.30pm start.


7 Grassmoor Country Park Meet 6.30pm. 15 x 1min, 1 min recovery (A)

7 Steady Run Wingerworth Route 6-10m (B)

7 Easy Run Holymoorside Route 4.6m (C)


12 Three Merry Lads. Hills x 6, jog recovery (A)

12 Yew Tree Drive 1 side effort, next recovery 6 laps (B)


14 Holmebrook 8 x 1k, 200m jog recovery (A)

14 Steady Run Linacre Reservoirs Route 6-8.5m (B)

14 Easy Run Walton/Piper Lane Route 5-6m (C)


19 Twigg Handicap 10k. Meet at Holmebrook Pavilion 6.30pm start.

Changing & Showers Aavailable. Post race buffet at Olde House.

**Names to Sue Brundrett by Friday 15 June**


21 Tapton Park. On grass effort up hills, strides down (A)

21 Steady Run Holymoorside Route 6-9 (B)

21 Easy Run Holmebrook Route 5-6m (C)


26 Brookfield. 3 sets of 6x1 lap, 1 min rec. 1 lap slow jog between sets   (A)

26 Holmebrook 400/800m efforts (B)


28 Holmebrook Cadence Session 8 laps (A)

28 Steady Run Hasland, Grassmoor Route 6-10m (B)

24 Easy Run Holymoorside Route 4.5-6m (C)




3 Booths Road League. Meet Carsington Water 7.30pm start


5 Spinkhill Track meet 6.15pm for warm up. £2 track fee. (A)

5 Steady Run Piper Lane route 6-10m (B)

5 Easy Run Linacre Route 5m (C)


10 Grassmoor Country Park Meet 6.30pm. 6 x 4min, 2 min recovery (A)

10 Tapton Park 5 x 1k laps (B)


12 Brookfield. 12 x 90sec fast, 90 sec recovery (A)

12 Steady Run Holmebrook Route 6-10 (B)

12 Easy Run Wingerworth Route 5-6m (C)


17 CFC Stadium. 4x (4x400, 30sec recovery) 2min between sets (A)

17 Yew Tree Drive. 4 laps with Miriam Recovery (B)


19 Hardwick 10k Road Race 7.30pm start - No QP training tonight


24 Stubbing/Stanage Golf/Holymoorside. Off Road 10x2min, 2min jog recovery (A)

24 Holmebrook Hill Session (B)


26 Holmebrook Cadence Session 2 efforts, 1 rec x 8 laps (A)

26 Steady Run Holymoorside Route 6-9 (B)

26 Easy Run Holmebrook Route 5-6m (C)


31 Linacre reservoir. 12 x varied hills, jog recovery (A)

31 Holmebrook 400/800 efforts (B)